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Author of the Urban Fantasy Series
Growing up I was always the child that hid behind the settee, or took a torch to bed, or walked around ignoring the rest of the world, because I was reading a book. The highlight of my week was the trip to the library. Then, the highlight of my year was when I get to take a suitcase of brand new books and escape with it to somewhere hot, with plenty of sea and sand and Margaritas. Of course, now I have an ereader!

In order to afford the books and the holidays, (as well as those other pesky essentials, like food, the mortgage, and bills!) I’ve been a cocktail waitress, a dance group roadie, and a secretary. I've worked in pubs, hotels and a football club (despite having no love for the beautiful game) and I’ve sold everything from sweeties to jewellery, and garden sheds to car insurance.
Other than reading, my hobbies usually involve knocking down walls, the odd bit of plumbing, and experiements in baking usually involving cupcakes! So far, they've all turned out extremely eatable! Other than cake, my favourite meal is anything fishy, preferably sushi or shellfish, and when not indulging in the holiday Margaritas, I like the odd glass of red wine, or a single malt. Oh, and chocolate, of course!
               Forbidden Planet Signing 30th May, 2009 : Video

Chapters Bookstore in Dublin September 2009
Five questions : Answers include a small hint about The Bitter Seed of Magic : #3 :
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Horror - March 2009
I've had the abject terror ... err pleasure of being interviewed at Horror Reanimated by Joseph D'Lacey - author of Meat and Garbage Man - Read all about the horrrrrrific torture ... err wonderful hospitality he offered me, find out *WHO* I nominated for the Sword of the Ultimate Darkness and why my (expensively painted) toenails will never be the same again!
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Amberkatze's Book Blog - March 2009
Amber asks me about writing, research and what paranormal creature I'd be if I could choose. Also leave a comment between 15th and 22nd March stating what actor/actress you would like to take with you to a desert island to win a signed copy of The Sweet Scent of Blood.
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Urban fantasy has grown into a highly popular sub-genre over the last few years and Suzanne McLeod's approach is to mix in murder-mystery to the heady brew of vampires, strange creatures and fairy folk. The result is
Q.Genny's character is part of what makes this first story so alluring
Q. Genny's character is part of what makes this first story so alluring
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Love - October 2008
Q.So, trolls in Old Scotland Yard and vampire nightclubs in Leicester Square – where did your inspiration for a magical London come from?
Q. You're walking down a dark alley and a vampire jumps out in front of you - are you a screamer, a slayer, a runner or vampire bait?
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Online Workshop for Writers of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror - July 2008
Q. Where did the idea for come from?
Q. Tell us about your average writing day?
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Falcata Times E-Zine - July 2008
Q. Who is the must have author on your bookshelf?
Q. Which character in the book is the most fun to write and why?
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I was born in London, but spent most of my childhood in the Midlands. Since then I’ve been a bit of a nomad, having lived and/or worked in most parts of the UK. Now I’m settled on the South Coast about a mile away from the sea, along with my wonderful husband. And this year we've been lucky in that our garden's been home to a pack of fox cubs!