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Praise for The Sweet Scent of Blood

The Sweet Scent of Blood received an Honourable Mention in the Editors' Choice - The Official SF Site Best SF and Fantasy Books of 2008

I really loved The Sweet Scent of Blood. The interactions among the magical cast are beautifully handled, and Genny's narrative voice is perfect. I appreciated the fact that the vampirism and the magic had a solid logic to it: everything made sense and fitted together and felt right. All in all, a great read, and a great world which I'm looking forward to revisiting.'
MIKE CAREY Author of the Felix Castor novels, and writer for Marvel and DC comics.

[McLeod’s] created a believable world, one in which the undead and gifted exist right alongside normal everyday people. The Sweet Scent of Blood is an incredibly complex rollercoaster ride of suspense and horror. I simply cannot wait for the next installment.
San Francisco Book Review

‘The Sweet Scent of Blood is one of my favorite reads . . . The fast pace of the plot and the fascinating cast of characters will give you a happy little vacation between two covers.’
CHARLAINE HARRIS, New York Times bestselling writer of the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire series  filmed as

The Sweet Scent of Blood is a great addition to the urban fantasy/paranormal market, and I’m happy to see such a fresh take on the genre that’s written so well.  I loved the characters and the detailed world building . . . and I’m very interested in continuing to adventure with Genny and the Spellcrackers series. 
Dear Author

Suzanne McLeod has put the bite back in vampire. Her characters are rich, complex, and flawed. The descriptions so real and gritty, the reader is standing next to Genny in the dirty, rank alley preparing to dispatch one of the filthy undead into non-existence.
Sacramento Book Review

'This is a world where supernaturals - particularly fae and vampires - mingle freely with humans... Things get nicely atmospheric with touches of humor in the middle of massive misdirection, threats, and bloodletting, with a sexy overlay of corsets, a satyr colleague, bondage, and even a little girl-on-girl action...a fun read, with a piquant English flavour that helps make this first novel a standout.'
Locus Magazine

This is a well-written book with a complex plot. Gen is a strong heroine with enough flaws to be real. A self-contained novel, there are things that can easily be expanded on and explored in the upcoming novel The Cold Kiss of Death, which I look forward to reading.
Fresh Fiction

The world McLeod has created is so inventive ... her characters are refreshing, and the plot is imaginative. Much the way Sherlock Holmes keeps going and going and you're merely along for the ride, McLeod dangles the answers in front of you but keeps them just out of reach.  It kept an exciting game of "what if" playing the entire story. Wow!
The Spinecracker

Ms. McLeod does a fabulous job of detailing the setting and the supernatural characters that populate each scene.  The Sweet Scent of Blood is intriguing and intense at times, with fast-paced action and dark discoveries around every turn.

The style of writing and the main character caught me. Genny is, for me, a female Harry Dresden ... Of course the deal was sealed when all the creatures started to appear. Not only were there witches, Fae and vampires but trolls, brownies and much more present in this magical world ... a British based book [that] really grabbed me.'

I loved this book! It was so awesome! I loved the mythology used for all the different paranormals . . . But what I loved most was reading an urban fantasy that takes place in my home town. It is fantastic to have this exciting plot, and actually being able to picture the places where things are happening because I've been there! I can't recommend this book enough; I can't wait to get my hands on the second novel . . . Read this book now!
Ink and Paper Fantasy Book Reviews

'McLeod has created a riveting urban fantasy with The Sweet Scent of Blood, the first installment in her series. Vivid descriptions, terrific characters and a complex and intriguing plot make this one of the best urban fantasies I've read in a while. McLeod is a welcome new voice to the urban fantasy genre, and I can't wait to read The Cold Kiss of Death.'

'I was immediately struck by the sense of a whole occult society and cultural background which the author has created in wonderful, totally plausible and fully-functioning detail … I found the book great fun, very witty and sassy (like the main character), fast-paced, with great dialogue, and with a large cast of well-written characters … This is the best new author/book I have read in years; long may she continue.'

'Suzanne McLeod has delivered a strong debut novel, with an engaging heroine. Readers looking for a clever blend of subgenres (in this case, vampires and faerie folk) will be well rewarded by spending some time with the intrepid Ms. Taylor. Recommended.'

‘There are so many things I love about this book. [The characters] are all so vivid and real . . . The writing style [is] just fantastic, not letting down those characters or the intricate plot . . . It’s one of those rare books where I think you can appreciate it even more with each subsequent reading.’
  The Book Bundle

There's plenty of action in The Sweet Scent Of Blood, and a satisfying slice of mystery to puzzle out . . . the main characters do pop out vividly, so it's hard not to like them. There's also a juicy sub-plot about Genny's secret history. Many of the events seem to be setting things up for the rest of the series, and on the strength of this book the next episodes promise to be a fine red vintage. In all, this this magic-and-fangs romp makes for a quick, captivating read.

'A darkly comic-spookshow... this is funny, frothy and expertly set up.'
DeathRay Magazine

Suzanne McLeod has created a very interesting paranormal world in the first book in her series. Her Fae aren't always nice, her vampires are creepy . . . I loved the character of Genny right from the start . . . She is tough, but not over the top. She also makes fun of herself and sometimes situations she finds herself in, something I like in a heroine. I could feel myself getting sucked in and the second half of the book really impressed me.
Smexy Books

I got a real thrill out of how Suzanne McLeod threaded magical, fairy tale characters into the book. But don't be mislead by the mention of fairy tale characters, into thinking this book is a light read because it isn't. This story has several dark moments, some full of tension, others fear. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in this series.
Fantasy Dreamer's Ramblings

'The novel is well written...the main characters are well-rounded, fallible and believable, and the plot richochets along at an at times breathtaking impressive first novel' 
Fortean Times Magazine

'A refreshingly original debut novel in what promises to be a series worth following...As the details of the world unfold, it only grows more compelling, and it provides an excellent backdrop to a convoluted mystery plot, riddled with twists...a very promising debut, and one that certainly piques the interest for further reading.' 
A SciFi Now must read! SciFi Now Magazine

The Sweet Scent of Blood is a strong start to the series and an impressive debut novel.  I can't wait to read more from this author. Afterall, with vampires in Leicester Square, trolls in New Scotland Yard and a surfeit of blood and magic, what’s not to like? Fang-tastic!

This was a brilliant debut that has guaranteed I will be getting the sequel when it comes out. Fast, action packed and sexy this was wonderfully British and a beautifully written Urban paranormal novel that I can highly recommend.
Amberkatze's Book Blog

I found this debut novel was surprisingly assured and pleasingly engaging. Good fun on the whole though and nice to read a British style 'Dresden' or perhaps a Rachel Caine. If you like those books and want a similar-yet-different perspective, this might be one for you. And this one, in my opinion, (if you forgive the bad pun) is a cracker!

‘I loved it to pieces. I was particularly taken with the establishing chapter, where our heroine sets up her world just by chatting with a friend over coffee and the morning papers. But all in all, a splendid first novel, and a damned good read. Fast and furious, funny and fae, the first Spellcrackers book is a cracker of a read.’
Simon Green, NYTimes bestselling author of The Secret Histories

'From the opening passage Suzanne’s characters jumped off the page and took the reader by the hand through a London that blended myth and legend with the modern world.  What also worked very well was the author’s interpretation of the creatures of myth such as Vampires explaining their condition through believable medical terms and presented a tale that will stay with the reader long after the final page is turned.  Definitely an author to watch in the Urban Fantasy category as the undead and fay face off in a no holds barred tale.'
Falcata Times

'Fun and pacy, the book's strong lead, particularly likeable policetroll, and array of twists and turns help to thoroughly immerse the reader into the superb and full-realised supernatural society.'
Lincolnshire Echo

‘Exceedingly well-written debut ticking all the right boxes, from a gutsy and unique heroine to an engaging storyline with sexy foes and a strong ensemble cast . . . funny and charming, with enough action to keep any book junkie entertained: Suzanne McLeod isn’t just adept, she’s bloody brilliant. Highly recommended.’
My Favourite Books Blogspot

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Praise for The Cold Kiss of Death

The Cold Kiss of Death is No. 5 in the Top 10 Editors' Choices - The Official SF Site Best SF and Fantasy Books of 2010

‘I enjoyed [Sweet Scent] very much, and [I liked] Cold Kiss just as much, maybe more. [It] is a book with a lot of emotional depth, as Genny discovers a lot of truths about her life and the people around her. There’s treachery, body-switching, and life and death encounters in this action-packed novel. A story well-told’
CHARLAINE HARRIS, Internationally bestselling author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, now filmed as TRUE BLOOD

'McLeod’s latest has a wonderful world set amongst everyday London that’s sure to come alive for readers. While . . . a heroine who can fall back on someone is always nice to see . . . Genny must rely on her own guts to make it out alive though not everybody will be so lucky.'
4 Stars — Romantic Times

'Suzanne McLeod's London is filled with magic, fantastic creatures, forbidden secrets, and dangerous desires. The Cold Kiss of Death takes you down those streets, on a fast, twisty-turny ride that will keep you glued to the pages to the very end.'
DEVON MONK, author of the Allie Beckstrom urban fantasy series

'An exciting and satisfyingly complex read. The book’s cover promises magic, mayhem and murder and there is no shortage of any of these things. Genny makes a realistically likeable yet suitably kick-ass heroine who keeps fighting to the end. Throw in an imaginatively realised fantasy London . . . and it’s clear that this book is a sure-fire winner for fantasy fans. Fans of America’s Patricia Briggs, Kim Harrison and Charlaine Harris would do well to add Suzanne McLeod to their reading lists. Faeries, vampires, mystery and magic – this book has it all!'

'When I finished The Cold Kiss of Death I was CRAVING to read more.  This is one of my favorite UF series ... so original and complex ... I recommend the Spellcrackers to every UF lover. If like me you thought you couldn't be surprised anymore, here's your chance to see how wrong you were. This series is so great it gave me back my UF reading mojo.'
Book Lovers Inc.

'As [McLeod's] clever, twisty paranormal plot unfolds, you’ll find yourself caught up in a story that’s both deeper and darker than The Sweet Scent of Blood. It’s a seductive and enthralling urban fantasy that at times is surprisingly gritty too. . . with the fast-paced action, you’ll be treated to a dark and frenzied climax. Urban fantasy fans should enjoy this seductive paranormal thriller that crackles with blood, lust and wit.'

'Ms. McLeod outdoes herself, and takes her fictional world to new levels. The Cold Kiss of Death is a refreshing escape that will keep readers glued to every page.  Fast-moving and brimming with action, this is a book that urban fantasy fans shouldn’t miss.'
Starred Review. Darque Reviews

‘Genny is hot, independent and kicks major magical and paranormal butt. The world the author has created is so fitting to the London background . . . Fresh, unique and urban paranormal fantasy at its best . . .This series is fascinating and this author is on my must read list.'

'Great writing, enough sass to make [Genny] believable and above all a tale that makes us all want to visit to see the “hidden” side of this ancient city.  Add to the mix great new characters, returning old favourites and the evidence that you don’t get out of this life alive as Suzanne plays for keeps will have the reader guessing as to who will survive and who will fall making her perhaps Britain’s premiere Urban Fantasy Author.'
Falcata Times

'The writing is fast, the plot pitched at a perfect (sometimes breathless) pace and before you know it, you are closing the covers and sitting back with a contented sigh at the conclusion. [McLeod] has proved that she’s going to be a strong presence in the urban fantasy genre.

'Wonderfully done. I'm hoping Ms McLeod feels like writing more about Genny and her crew. I'm hoping Ms Mcleod feels like writing anything in the urban fantasy genre. This book just flows, from beginning to end. McLeod . . . has now joined my mental list of auto-buy writers.'
Rabid Reader

'Genny is the Anita Blake of the Fae world mixed with Rachel Morgan. She is tough, likable and the series as a whole is dark, action packed and full of mystery. I look forward to book three and anything else this author can offer paranormal readers. [McLeod] is an author you need to check out if you are a lover of the genre.’
Amberkatze’s Book Blog

McLeod continues strong with the second installment in the series, The Cold Kiss of Death, using her talent for character and plot development to weave a complex plot that will enthrall readers . . . it's fabulous! Those who have read the first book will want to devour this in a sitting as I almost did, and for those who haven't read The Sweet Scent of Blood, I recommend reading it first. McLeod has an immeasurable talent for complex plots, and this reader was continually surprised, always the sign of a successful author.

The second instalment of the series has the same level of characterisation and narrative fluency as the first, with McLeod using her talented hand to lift the novel above the burgeoning stack of other books in the same genre. McLeod is an author worth watching.
Sci Fi Now

In the realms of the urban fantasy series currently on the market, the series is refreshing – all of the standard creatures and tropes are there, but McLeod writes them with a real sense of making them her own. The first book of this series showed a great deal of promise, and McLeod has delivered on the second. She has . . . created a fascinating world peopled by real and interesting characters with just enough threads left dangling to leave readers waiting eagerly for the next book. She is definitely a writer to watch in the field of urban fantasy.
Horror Scope

The Cold Kiss of Death is a well-written, fast-paced and highly imaginative story set in an alternate and very dangerous version of London.
There are plenty of interesting characters in this world, but I especially like the kelpie, Tavish, and the satyr, Finn. Even if they both have motivations of their own. And the phouka, Grianne will keep you wondering until the very end. These are the faeries that I like to read about -- dark, dangerous, and with hidden intentions.
Yolanda Sfetsos, author of the Alyce Kerr, Faith Healer Trilogy

We have action a-plenty in this novel! Some scenes are kind of disturbing, but it all has you sitting on the edge of your seat, the adrenalin pumping, jaw hanging at how unbelievable it is and how some of the characters act. I just love it all! The ending is just so good, I can’t tell you! If you haven’t started this series, you really need to! It’s just so brilliant, and I can’t for the third in the series, The Bitter Seed of Magic.
Ink and Paper Fantasy Book Reviews

The Cold Kiss Of Death will chill you to the bone and steal your breath away. Beautifully involving characters are wrapped in an absorbing and inventive mystery. Mesmerising and suspenseful, its heart racing action will keep you on your toes. A great read.
Larissa Book Girl

McLeod's books are punchy and modern, which reminds the reader of Laurell K Hamilton's popular Anita Blake, Vampires Hunter novels. However, there's a very 'English' feel to these stories. The Cold Kiss of Death is a great example of the still growing genre of 'supernatural in the real world' that continues to take up the shelves at book stores around the world.
Straits Times

I enjoyed the characterisations in the story; Genny is a wonderfully layered individual with some real issues that add to the depth of the story, and the support cast, including the love interests, are just a little left of centre, which is a nice change. The London setting was also a pleasant change of pace from the usual American standard, with some local colour popping up throughout the novel. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, and look forward to more in the spellcracker world!
Australian Specific in Focus

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Praise for The Bitter Seed of Magic

Huge thanks to the awesome Charlaine Harris who says nice things about The Bitter Seed of Magic: 'The plot is complicated and devious, and Genny is in a lot of danger by the end. I’m ready to read the next book in this series, which is both fresh, fun, and consistently good.'

'Fanta-bulous ... even better than the 2nd book. The Bitter Seed of Magic is an action-packed adventure filled with twists and turns. It keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to end ... Genny is a great character. She is intelligent and has a big heart. She is courageous and very lovable. Suzanne McLeod created a very fascinating and complex world. I didn't want the book to end. Give this series a try! It's well worth your time, you won't regret it.'
5 Bookies Perfect! Book Lovers Inc.

Fertility, a curse and the survival of various fae races are at the heart of what haunts gutsy Sidhe heroine Genny Taylor. [R]ich and engaging . . . McLeod uses her gift for storytelling to deliver a truly terrific read that is certain to keep you perched on the edge of your seat until the very last page.
4 stars Romantic Times

[A] story that had plenty of twists and turns, some magical double dealing and perhaps best of all a beautifully paced mystery that took smarts alongside kickass attitude to solve. Back that up with some character growth, a good pinch of romance and some skulduggery . . . and the reader really has a treat in store.
Falcata Times

[T]his is a series I know I am going to read again . . . because it is special. Paranormal Urban Fantasy has many faces . . . but this series doesn't have to try and stand out above the rest because it just does stand out above the rest! Fast, furious and full of everything you would expect and more, any lover of the genre should have this series on their must read list, like I do.
Amberkatze's Book Blog

Fun characters, good plots, fun dialogue, some steam and lots of humor to go along with the suspense and mystery. What else could I ask for in a novel? Wonderful! If you've already read the first two in the series, you're going to enjoy this third book. If you haven't read any of them yet, What are you waiting for? 10 out of 6 possible stars.....I love this series.
Rabid Reader

[A]ll of the books in the series are . . . amazing! There is the usual amount of action you come to expect . . . always exciting . . . it's so difficult to put the book down! I find reading McLeod's novels, like Karen Chance's to be exhausting - but in a really good way! So much happens! I absolutely loved this book . . . I can't recommend [it], or this series, enough! McLeod is still up there with my favourites!
Ink and Paper Fantasy Book Reviews

The Bitter Seed of Magic is another satisfying instalment of the Spellcrackers series. Genny [is] a realistically strong heroine . . . believable and likeable. There is no shortage of danger and excitement along the way and even a touch of humour too. If you love urban fantasy and are a fan of sexy, to die for vampires then I can’t imagine why Suzanne McLeod isn’t already on your list of must read authors.

I love this series, and I think [The Bitter Seed of Magic] might be my favourite so far! If you haven't checked out this book yet, then I would definitely recommend picking it up soon! I loved it.
9 out of 10 rating The Book Bundle

'A magical series that makes me want more and more. I did not want to put the book down. I just had to know what would happen next.The books keep on getting better. Awesome.'
Book Girl of MUR-Y-CASTELL

'The Bitter Seed of Magic is a real page-turner with good characterisations and expertly drawn senses of time and place. I read this in one sitting which has to be a good sign. Recommended.'
British Fantasy Society

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Praise for The Shifting Price of Prey

'Suzanne McLeod's heroine must navigate a course between powerful enemies and untrustworthy allies (often the same person) using the traditional Londoner's armoury of sarcasm, guile and, if all else fails, a swift kick to the bollocks. This series just keeps getting better and better.'
Ben Aaronovitch - Sunday Times Bestselling author of the Rivers of London series

'The Shifting Price of Prey is . . . unexpected and sexy, gripping and scary. It’ll play with your emotions and leave you half crazed for more! I can’t recommend it enough. This series is one of my favorite ever. It keeps getting better and better. I always think it impossible for a book to top the last but each time I am happily surprised.'
Book Lovers Inc.

'I highly recommend this novel - not only this novel, but the entire series. Great Reading. Wonderful Dialogue. Great Suspense. Twisty Plots. Heart Thumping Moments. Fun Characters - both evil and heroic, angsty and humorous. Everything you could possibly ask for. McLeod has done it again - delivered an exciting fun read with just the right touch of horror, lust and suspense - with the quirky humor to balance everything out.'
Rabid Reader

'I was very impatient to read this book, I really love the series and it’s always a real pleasure to get into a new adventure. [M]any things always happen in the Genny’s life, and this book is the perfect example. It’s a series that is in constant evolution and I think that each book is better than the last one. So I’m sure you know now, as I already loved the third book, this one was really awesome . . . a quest combining intriguing plots, betrayal, love and hope . . . if you want a good Urban Fantasy series, I can recommend this one that will allow you to discover a world full of magic.'
Between Dreams and Reality

' fans will not be disappointed with this latest instalment. [A] thrilling read from start to finish and the ending has me pining for the next book immediately. I have given all of the other books in the series 5 stars and I think this book is the best in the series.  I can't go back and mark the other books down so it only seems fitting to give The Shifting Price Of Prey 6 stars.'
Claire's Book Corner

'The latest creation from Suzanne McLeod is one of her finest. Wonderful, complex and very imaginative world-building . . . in each book I learn something new. Plenty of surprises . . . plenty of yummy Malik, a little bit of Finn and Tavish, and of course hilarious flatmates of Genny. Fabulous, brilliant story in a sparkling urban fantasy series. Very much recommended, especially for the fans of Karen Chance, Kim Harrison and Seanan McGuire.'
Nocturnal Book Reviews

'I love the laugh-out-loud moments it helped me have . . . and the mystery really had me from start to finish. A definite rec from me - if you like a smart heroine, magic, fights and trolls on your side, this is something to get your hands on as soon as it's out. And if you haven't read the other books in the series, you most definitely should!'
Unconventional Book Views

‘[F]ast paced action, great prose and of course characters that you love to spend time around . . . full of (mis)adventure and for me, its something that I really can’t get enough of as there’s always someone looking to make a buck or double deal to get what they want. Throw into the mix a whole new host of villains backed up with foes of old and all in its been a triumph to sit back and devour. Great stuff.’
Falcata Times

'This book makes you crave more. This is the series to read, wicked vampires, lots of nice and bad Fae. And a heroine that has to tread carefully between the different worlds.'
Books For Life

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