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Tea Times Three
Out Now (Contemporary Fantasy)
Che Gilson

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The Hidden Rune of Iron
Spellcrackers #5
Cover Reveal
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The Shifting Price of Prey #4 Out Now in print and eBook in the US, UK, and everywhere

Suzanne McLeod - Urban Fantasy Author of the Vampire Series
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What's new . . .

Dead But Not Forgotten
Anthology Out Now
Contains my story: The Bat-Signal.

I'm a Brit author who writes about magic, mayhem, and murder – liberally spiced with dangerous faeries, seductive vampires, bureaucratic witches, eccentric goblins, and rock-solid trolls!

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What's new . . .

Fairy Wishes
A Spellcrackers Short Story
Read for Free
Friend's new release . . .

The Furthest Station
A Rivers of London novella
Ben Aaronovitch